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Perspectives on suffering

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Suffering and difficulties can be measured in different ways depending upon our perspective and how we chose to respond to what we might be facing and I think this in it's self is a test of character.

I think that difficulties and suffering can shape us to appreciate the small things in life and give us a perspective of what truly matters, it can make us have empty with others enabling us to connect on different levels with individuals.

To get through hard times I try not to think of it as suffering just difficulties and I find having a greatful heart helps.

Within these times I've find myself to pull on my faith often preying for God to be present in my actions and thoughts and often this has truly helped and at times I've felt a soul guiding me and placing people in my life to help and this helps me to feel greatful to have a faith because its this faith that's helped me through some really hard times.

Sometimes by going through something, the experience can help you to grow, changing your perspective to question the fundamentals of life and it's meaning.

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