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International Women's Day

At Soul Space on the 11th March, we were reflecting on women.

Abigail: 1 Samuel 25 vs 1-35

In this incredible story, Abigail bravely and skilfully negotiates her way past the egos of two difficult men and through her brilliant diplomacy manages to prevent David from slaughtering a whole pile of people. We spent some time looking at the intricacies of this tale and reflecting on the character and courage of Abigail.


While the image of God's Kingdom, at the time of the New Testament, was radical, it has different connotations now. So the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Heaven was a political statement. It contrasted directly with the empire, the kingdom of Caesar. In the same way, talking about the Good News of Jesus was a challenge to the Good News of Caesar. The words were chosen to make a point. The Kingdom of God was a statement of an alternative, of peace, of non violence and love and the reign of God rather than man.

These days, to talk of the Kingdom is not so radical. It has connotations of political power and monarchy rather than of peace. And King is a male metaphor that is troubling to feminists.

Perhaps the Kindom, then, is a good alternative description of our life together. Rather than speaking of top down patriarchal power, it emphasises equality, relationship, community and love. And for International Women's Day, it is perhaps more fitting.

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