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  • Sean Kennedy


We have  carnalised this beautiful thing.

We discriminate against it,

Dominate to profit from it,

Fight wars because of it,

Sun ourselves to darken it,

Cover it because we are ashamed of it,

Spend billions on cosmetics to colour and fill it,

Even more to cut it and tuck it.

We are uncomfortable in our own skins,

Always longing to fit into someone else’s.

This lovely birthday suit we entered the world wearing,

That holds all our vital fluids and protects us,

Gets such a bad wrap!

But this beautiful God given skin is meant to be electric and sensual.

Adults long for skin to skin intimacy.

Naked we conceive and create new life.

Infants thrive on mums naked breast,

Or, die from lack of touch.

God became skin so we could touch and feel him,

So He could touch our wounds,

And in turn we could take our hands and feel His wounds.

God is skin and skin is God.

God loves skin.

God loves your skin.

And your neighbours skin.

Only when have learned to love skin can we begin to tackle the deeper stuff.

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