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Soul Space Devotional Time


  • Find out who has brought a contribution, what sort of contribution it is (poem, reading, song, reflection, interpretive dance…) and how long it needs. 

  • Select a host.

  • Choose order of contributions. If the host has a contribution, it is best if their contribution is not offered first or last. That way they can keep their contributing separate from their hosting. 

  • Offer egg timers to anyone who would like one to help them keep their contribution to its intended length.


The talking piece

We will have a talking piece (an object of our choosing) to help us to give space to one another and for stillness. We will follow the convention that when the talking piece is in the middle of the table, conversation will be free flowing.  When it is held by someone, then they have the floor, either to help us keep silence, or to make a contribution.


The host

We will choose a host for each gathering, who will keep time and take responsibility for the opening and closing and holding of silence.



The host picks up the talking piece, lights the candle and may say some opening words or a prayer to help us to settle into our time of reflection. 





After the silence, the host passes the talking piece to the first contributor, who offers their contribution and passes the talking piece to the next contributor. The final contributor passes the talking piece back to the host. 





The host places the talking piece back onto the table and we take time to share our thoughts and reflections with one another. 



The host takes the talking piece from the table, signalling the end of the conversation. The host holds a final time of stillness, finishes with some words of prayer or reflection if that seems appropriate, and blows out the candle to signal the end of our time of reflection. 

Thinking about next time

Choose a topic for next time or remind everyone what the topic is, if it's already been planned. 

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