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It takes bravery to break old habits, to turn to the voice inside of your own head and say: I will not let you speak to me that way. It takes courage to sit down and have a conversation with your mistakes. Growth is uncomfortable; it's slow and rarely steady. But I promise you that nothing in full bloom will ever tell you that the struggle wasn't worth it. Take a moment to realise just how far you've come. Look at all the bridges you've crossed, everything you've done. There were times you thought the world was ending, and you still held on to see it through. And I know you don't give yourself credit for the little things, but there is strength in those things too. Try to remember that forever is only the sum of right nows. You will never have everything figured out. Life is allowed to look like a renaissance piece and a work in progress at exactly the same time. Don'e wait until the day is perfect to look up and watch the sunrise.

By srwpoetry

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