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  • Sally Walker-Smith

You ask me why I love Him

I’d heard so much about him

This prophet

And now I see him

He’s everything they said, and more

An ordinary man in most ways

And yet extraordinarily so

It was his eyes

Those pools of love

Looking at me, in me

Right to the core of my being

Nothing was hidden as I tried to look away

I looked down at the floor, at anything

It was then that I saw his feet

Dirty, Dusty, Unwashed and Neglected

Those beautiful feet, feet that had walked my way, had come to find me

My shame turned to outrage

How could they treat him like this?

I had to do something and so I did

I got down on my knees and I kissed him

My tears flowed like fountains

And I kissed him, I kissed him, I kissed him

I had in my hand my alabaster box

It contained all of my worldly wealth

My security for my future

My shame and my hopelessness

I took off the lid

And I began to pour my oil

All over those beautiful feet

Its’ fragrance filled the room

It was around us and on us

On his feet

My hair

My face

My neck

My shoulders

My chest and hips

Now running down my legs

And covering my feet

Now he’s talking to me

He’s telling me

That I’m healed, whole, cleansed, sanctified, glorified, forgiven

His words fall like freedom, as he lifts me to my feet

I walk out of that room

With my head held high

And his fragrance goes with me.

Sally Walker-Smith

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