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Jesus welcomed all sorts of people. Whatever their status in society. Whatever their gender or age. Whether they were clean or unclean, well or unwell. Nothing seemed to get in the way.

He welcomed the crowds when he'd gone to find space to be alone.

Jesus also managed to be welcoming when in the homes of others. Think of the friends who lowered the paralytic down through someone else's roof or the woman who gatecrashed the party of a pharisee to anoint his feet or the syro-phoenician woman who came and found him when he was at someone else's home.

We see the importance of welcome in the sending g out of the disciples. They were told to accept the welcome of whoever offered it and to wipe the dust from their feet when leaving the places where they received no welcome.

So often, holiness is regarded as the ability to be separate. to stay away from the people and the parts of society where people are not behaving in 'godly' ways. But that isn't how Jesus sees it at all. Being stand-off-ish is not seen as a good thing. It is the welcome that divided those prepared to accept the kingdom and those who rejected it.

Romans 5v7 tells us to welcome one another just as Christ welcomed you.

To live in a kingdom way, then, surely has to involve welcoming those who welcome us, to accept their welcome, whoever they are. Whether they share our faith or not. To welcome. And to accept welcome..

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