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Earth - under your fingernails. Finding God in the grittiness of the world

I have heard people talk of spirituality being about Mother Earth and Father Sky. I quite like that as a metaphor. Last week we were very clearly thinking about Father Sky. This time, Mother Earth.

We are embodied creatures. Formed from the dust. Part of the earth. Connected with the soil. We can trust our bodies and the physicality of our lives. It is who we are.

It is here. Walking this earth. Living this life that we can encounter God. I shared some thoughts from a book called "An Altar in the World" by Barbara Brown Taylor. Including this snippet:

The easiest practice of reverence I know is simply to sit down somewhere outside, preferably near a body of water, and pay attention for at least twenty minutes. It is not necessary to take on the whole world at first. Just take the three square feet of earth on which you are sitting, paying close attention to everything that lives within that small estate...With any luck you will soon begin to see the souls in pebbles, ants, small mounds of moss, and the acorn on its way to becoming an oak tree....You may even feel the beating of your own heart, that miracle of ingenuity that does its work with no thought or instruction from you. You did not make your heart any more than you made a tree. You are a guest here. You have been given a free pass to this modest domain and everything in it...

Truly, we are standing in Bethel. The house of God.

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